Hey there! Hejdå! Shalom!

I am glad you have found my website. This is the website of David Ermes. I am a communications and politics professional living in a Berlin suburb with my wonderful wife and two awesome twingirls.

After two years as deputy spokesperson to the Christian Democrats (CDU) party headquarters in Berlin I have recently moved to Kiel up north in Germany where I am the Strategic Communications guy for Karin Prien, the Minister for Education, Science and Cultural Affairs.

I have professional experience as a senior advisor to an MP in parliament on issues regarding the parliamentary committee on Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth as well as Humanitarian Rights and Humanitarian Aid. I am a political scientist with a background in law and peace and conflict studies. My main focus is on agenda setting and policy strategies.

Everything is communications. I am a digital resident, startet out coding my first (utterly ugly) website in pure html nearly 20 years ago and I am still deeply in love with the age of information technology.

I might be your missing team member. I am open for new adventures and I would love to work on strategies and policies about bringing future technology and present societal problems together.

Besides the tech world, I am a sailor, newspaper addict and I love to travel the world with the smartest woman I know (and who -lucky me!- was crazy enough to marry me).

What about that complexity thing? Well, I reject the notion that a complex world is making things more complicated. Unlike being a threat to solutions or an obstacle to be overcome, complexity is a chance for us to find various angles to tackle the challenges ahead. With people from different backgrounds and with a broad spectrum of philosophies we can collaborate and find new ways to go ahead. Complexity is not a gordian knot but a sum of entry points to new ideas. By accepting complexity, rethinking and re-thinking the challenges ahead I strongly belief collaborative processes are the future of progress.

Enough about me! Let’s have Fika or grab a drink. Get in touch! mail@davidermes.de